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While I'm a very politically minded individual, I tend to avoid politics in my microsongs -- usually. This one is a bit of an exception. This song was inspired by a real thing -- the "Gaza Community Mental Health Program." I thought the very existence of such a thing was itself pretty "mental," as if Palestinians' problems were just all in their minds. They just need someone to talk to! That, and maybe not living under occupation might help.

Before I stir up a hornet's nest, I think I'll just let the song, in which I was kind of channeling Elvis Costello, and the deft artwork from Mr. Kenny P, do the talking.

Soon: more.


I think this microsong might be better left open to interpretation. It could mean a lot of things. I probably thought of it as descriptive of annoying people, or worse. But for Andy Goodman, who provided me with this firm artwork, it might have meant something else. Use as directed.


Every day, we are constantly bombarded by media that is trying to channel our thoughts, govern our opinions, and even dictate to us our own inner voices. I offer you this microsong as a meme of protection against such treachery; a counter-spell, if you will. Sing it and make the puppet master sweat! Thanks to kris.w for the illustration.


Occasionally, a microsong is a cover of someone else's song. This is the first of those, a re-imagining (yes I'll go there) of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man." I could try to explain it but actually the brilliant artwork from the artistically well-endowed Kenny Pittenger does the job so much better than my feeble words ever could.

By the way, we used to prank people with this song. The prank goes like this: compliment a guy on his clothes, "Wow, you look really good in that, I like that shirt," etc. Then one prankster says, "You know what you look like? You look like a ..." The "Sharp Dressed Man" annoying chant begins, and the victim suddenly realizes all those compliments were insincere after all! The chanting continues until the victim appears ready to explode.

Truly delightful. I hope somebody does it to me someday.


For my second installment, I offer you this microsong from maybe ten years ago or so. This song was inspired by General Zod from Superman II, when he ominously utters the two lines of this song to a servile Superman. Just looked it up on imdb; I didn't know Terence Stamp played General Zod. That guy is cool! Anyways, enjoy the shit out of this. It's made all the more enjoyable by a great illustration from my man kris.w.


Hello, Microsongs fans! It is a pleasure, after all this time, to finally get this up and running. Over time, many microsongs will be published here. I decided to start with one of my most popular microsongs, a little (and I do mean little) ditty called "Booty."

You will find that some microsongs are funny; some aren't. Some have lyrics; others don't. All of them will include accompanying artwork. Today's "art" is by yours truly. Honky D.

Sing this song to someone you love in a prurient way. I did for my fiancee, and she became my wife. Perhaps this is why. I doubt it, but who knows.

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