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I can't remember exactly what inspired this song. I think mostly I was just mocking songs with dumb lyrics. This silly little ditty got better artwork than it could have ever dreamed of thanks to Certifiable Maniac, Kenny Pittenger! Wowzers!


After a long hiatus, it's time to start uploading microsongs again! Here's one from last year. It's just me braggin' about my mad game. Check the anatomically accurate self-portrait, complete with scrawny limbs and beer gut!


This song came to me in a flash while driving. I recorded it on my phone when I got to a stoplight. I could not improve on this; it is exactly what I wanted it to be. But the illustration is even better! I particularly like the potted plant in the background. Mad props to kris.w for the funny funny drawing.


This one's for kids. Adults, you can enjoy it too if you wish. Thanks to William Wilson for the sweet hippo doodle.


This is a song about being almost broke ... and then, after you've finally knuckled under and paid that last bill, being actually broke. A good song for our troubled times, I suppose. Thanks to Jeff the Gill for the superlative artwork!


There is no suitable explanation for this. Certainly no excuse for it. You must take it and like it! Thanks to the honorable Mr. John Seymore for an illustration that really puts it where it goes.


I sang this song to my dog, Rosie, as we sat at a light, on Laurel Canyon maybe at Riverside or Moorpark. There was a lot going on in the street -- people shopping, driving by, walking their dogs, all moving and making all kinds of sounds -- and Rosie's attention darted around spastically, like a tasered insect. I offered her this song, not so much to calm her down, but to distract her with a basic truth. Worked pretty well! Thanks to William Wilson for the strangely perfect artwork!


This is a song about a friend being hurt, and what to do about it. It could mean, "You lost some blood, and I'm going to get you a transfusion" or "Somebody hurt you, and I'm going to get you some payback." Or, ideally, both. Thanks to kris.w for the avenging illustration!


Here's a song that celebrates a simple pleasure, with perhaps just a little bit of gloating. Ideal illustration courtesy of Mr. Kenny P.


This song is ... uh ... self-explanatory? There's not really a good way to explain it. More of a feeling than some actual thing. I think the artwork, by Paul Tibbitt, is doing it more justice than my feeble verbiage. Watch your head, and let the mighty eagle soar!


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